domingo, 23 de dezembro de 2012

Short hair

I love this kind of short hair but I've never felt brave enough to cut my long hair this short. In my opinion this cut ads elegance and femininity to every women but your face is also more exposed :P and it is tougher to have your hair fixed and pretty every day and, for someone as lazy as me in hair issues, a long hair is a paradise! Maybe in 2013...

Adoro este tipo de corte de cabelo mas nunca me senti suficientemente corajosa para abandonar o meu cabelo comprido. Na minha opinião estes cortes são extremamente elegantes e femininos mas, em contrapartida também expõe mais o nosso rosto :P e parecem-me mais difíceis de tratar e arranjar, o que, para alguém tão preguiçoso em matéria de cabelos como eu, torna o cabelo comprido um paraíso! Talvez em 2013...

Would you take a chance?

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  1. Constantly battle this through in my mind too! I know people that have gone for the chop and never looked back, yet others who regret it from the minute the hair hits the floor :/ Going to the hairdressers on the 27th so check to see what the outcome is this time round.